How to Choose Linen Bedding

How to Choose the Ideal Linen Bedding

The perfect bedding can complete a room’s aesthetics and work to provide for a wonderful night’s sleep. Aside from the mattress, your bed linen is the single most important choice you’ll have to make for your bed. The proper linen can enhance sleep by combining premium elements together to feel soft and luxurious against your skin, helping to lull you off to sleep each evening. Selecting the correct fabric though is often a challenging endeavor. Many companies make claims, oftentimes unsupported by facts, about the premium craftsmanship of their bed linens. However, premium bed linen is the result of extensive work and sourcing of the worlds finest materials. Although many companies may make strong claims about their linens, only Superior Custom Linen can demonstrate why our fabric is among the best available to consumers worldwide.

Choosing the Perfect Linen Fabric for You

Linen actually has a long and well-established history from inception, and when made properly, linen fabric keeps you cool in the summer, warm in the winter, all while naturally repelling dust. Correctly made bed linen is meant to least for years, and our superiorly constructed bed linen will be among the finest available to consumers.

But first, what actually is linen?

Linen fabric starts out as a collection of fibers that grow inside the stalk of the flax plant. While a number of countries do produce flax plants, namely China, Belgium, France, and Eastern European countries, flax plants from France are most highly prized for their quality and lack of industrial pesticides that normally permeates the plants of Eastern Europe and especially China. To ensure that our clients only receive the finest quality, we source our linen fabrics from suppliers that only use the flax plants of France, and who are committed to a sustainable harvesting process, making sure to only harvest once a year, pulling each plant by hand to preserve the high quality and to ensure that the long fibers remain intact.

Once harvesting is complete, they are sent to treatment mills before we allow the flax to be made into yarn. The harvesting process is extremely vital to the end product, and this pretreatment process is centered around removing impurities from the flax stalk such as oil, dust, flex brans, and many others. Pretreatment is critical for:

  • Fabric smoothness
  • Even Dying
  • Removing impurities

An insufficient pretreatment process can leave fabric feeling thicker, the consequence of which is that the linen fabric won’t dye correctly and may end up with a patched dye job, it may also be rougher to the touch and be less absorbent to moisture, all of which may impact a good night’s sleep.

Even after the comprehensive pretreatment process, our premium flax fibers won’t go straight to the weaving process before they have undergone several more processes meant to further eliminate impurities and leave the flex fibers in as perfect condition as possible. The process is expensive and time consuming, but as a leading provider of premium linens, we insist our suppliers adhere to this process for exceptional quality. Once the flex fibers have undergone these extra processes, they are finally ready to be woven into fabric sheets. Without the detailed pretreatment process, our linen fabrics would be made significantly faster, but they wouldn’t have anywhere near the same quality as they do now. The flax fiber pretreatments are so extensive because even though we source only the best flax stalks from France, the individual fibers can still differ in imperfections, and it’s important to have a uniform fiber when it comes time to weave. Without it, the fabrics would show obvious imperfections that would impact their look and their functionality.

The final step to creating luxurious fabrics is the weaving process. Because our linen fibers are some of the finest in size, master weavers are able to create tightly woven fabrics that are extremely durable and feel soft and supple on your skin. A looser weave is significantly more prone to wear and tear by everyday use, but our fabrics are designed to be enjoyed for years to come.

Premium Workmanship and a Better Quality Product

Quality linen fabrics aren’t made from anything less than the finest quality materials, sourced from the best locations on Earth. Even the best materials need an expert hand and know-how in order to create the finished product that we all know and love.

Professional made linen fabrics require:

  • Premium sourcing of materials
  • Safe harvesting of flex stalks
  • Effective pretreatments
  • Attention to detail when weaving

The steps we insist upon here at Superior Custom Linens are the result of years spent in the fabrics industry, and a thorough knowledge of what makes the best fabrics. We never cut corners or use anything but the best materials on Earth. Even though it may seem like an extensive process to create even a single sheet, the quality is obvious the first time you feel one of our fabrics. You won’t feel another fabric like ours, because no one can match the quality and craftsmanship of our expert suppliers when it comes to providing exceptionally made linen fabrics.

A Final Product Unlike Anything Else Available on the Market

With our linen fabrics, our suppliers take the time to ensure that all of our fabrics are made using a high yarn thread. What this means is that our fabrics incorporate a finer thread than most other fabrics, allowing for a lighter, more supple fabric that is extremely resistant to wear. The quality and craftsmanship is obvious when feeling our duvet cover.

This is achieved through the use of finer threads, and through an expert weaving process. Since our linens are constructed from masters of their craft, our linens are woven with attention to detail that enables them to create a tight weave, creating a stronger and more durable linen fabric.

Stonewashed Linen, good or bad?

If you’ve ever walked through a department store or visited a website that sells linen, you’ve probably encountered some linens that are “stone washed.” It’s not uncommon to see these days, but the truth behind a stone wash is that the stones involved during the wash process degrades the fabric quality, giving it a worn appearance. While some people may want this look or under the impression that a worn look in fabric means that it will be softer on the skin, it has a very short useful life span, as the fabric has already been so degraded that it is not suitable for long-term use.

The Fallacy of a High Thread Count

One of the ways that companies will attempt to showcase what they call are premium linen fabrics are by highlighting their high thread count. However, thread count is no longer an indication of quality in fabrics. Linen fiber is derived from the middle of the flax plant; therefore, it is naturally thicker than bolls from the cotton plant. The linen fabric used for sheeting has a thread count of between 80 and 150, which would be considered low for a cotton sheet. It’s easier to fit a higher number of yarns into an inch if they are fine cotton, but you can only fit so many bulk yarns into that same inch if they are linen, so results can vary substantially. The thick yarn is what makes linen durable, and well cared linen sheets can last up to 2-3 decades before needing to be replaced. Well cared cotton sheets generally last 3-5 years.

Linen Weight

The weight of linen fabric give you an idea of the thickness of linen fabric when you compare.

~Most of the linens fabric we use are regular weight, 6oz/sq yard or 200g/sq meter.

~Medium weight linen is about 7.3oz/sq yard or 250g/sq meter. Medium weight linen is available in Linen, Dark Linen, White, Soft White and Orchid.

~We also carry very thick linen fabric used for blanket, double weave linen, weighs about 14oz/sq yard or 480g/sq meter.

~Waffle linen used for towels, throws 11.7oz/sq yard or 400g/sq meter

The styles that linen bedding can create.

One of the most sought after benefits from using linen fabrics is their extreme versatility. Unlike some other fabrics that are only adaptable to one or two styles, linen fabrics can be used in a variety of styles, depending on your personal preferences and unique style. Linen is a fabric that is universally adaptable, and thanks to it’s expert construction when purchased from Superior Custom Linen, the final product is always of unmistakable premium quality that will always blend in expertly with any home. From contemporary to farmhouse and even European infused styles, linen fabrics can create nearly any look that you desire.


A contemporary style feels right at home in downtown Manhattan to the suburbs of Atlanta and even along the coastline of Southern California. By using a traditional linen duvet cover, coupled with linen sheets, the contemporary style is versatile and a universal favorite among consumers worldwide.


The farmhouse style is a country favorite that enables you to create a warm, hospitable southern feel in your home. When using soft a ruffle linen bedding, a dust ruffle, and a ruffle linen bedspread, you can recreate that southern feel anywhere you are. Even in the heart of a city’s downtown, your room can feel as though it would be right at home on the farm with its naturally rustic aesthetic. Because Superior Custom Linens uses handmade fabrics with tight weaves, our fabric ruffles are elegant, well-integrated into the remaining fabric, and will always maintain their shape. Compare conventional store purchased linen fabrics against ours, and it’s easy to see the discrepancy in workmanship. A big box store will use a looser weave, resulting in ruffles are lackluster and loose their shape, but linens from Superior Custom Linens will always stand out as the elegant works of art that they are.

When designing your ideal style, finding the right combination of linens is essential. To that end, we offer a number of pillow cases and euro shams that can accentuate any look that you’re going for. With the ability to incorporate a splash of color or a more classic design, a linen euro sham is the perfect accruement to any interior design.

The Benefits of Linen Bedding

Linen fabrics have a host of features and benefits that lead consumers to prefer them over other fabrics, time and time again. When you use 100% flax linen, you receive innumerable benefits that help to make for a wonderful night’s sleep, each and every night.

The benefits of using linen fabrics include:

  • It’s Thermogenic
  • Static Resistant
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Odor Resistant

Thermogenic properties

Because we use only 100% flax linen to construct our fabrics, our sheets have the unique advantage of being thermogenic. Thermogenic sheets allow for air to pass through easily, yet they retain heat at the same time. So even though we use a tight weave and finer threads, our fabric is extremely breathable, helping to leave you at the perfect temperature throughout the night. On summer evenings, linen helps to whisk away moisture and whisk away heat. It works under the same principles as linen clothing, which is why linen has been prized by individuals living in hot climates for centuries. In the winter, linen serves to assist with heat retention, so that even though the temperate around you may be cooler, you remain at a pleasant temperature that promotes a healthy nights’ sleep.

Static Resistant

Due to its all-natural construction, linen is a naturally static resistant material and wont cling to pajamas or the blankets at night.


Because our linen undergoes several pretreatments to remove unwanted imperfections, such as oils, dirt, and grime, our linen remains easy to clean and naturally repels dust and dirt in the home. Because of this, our linen sheets are highly prized for their hypo-allergenic nature and are beneficial for people who live in dusty arid environment, such as in the desert, and people who suffer from seasonal allergies and asthma.

Odor Resistant

Due to the extensive pretreatments that our linen undergoes, in addition to repelling dust and dirt, our linens are also natural odor repellants. While our linen fabrics do need to be regularly washed, just as with all fabrics, they are more resistant to odors and they promote a more natural aromatherapy than other sheets can similarly provide.

Regardless of your reasons for choosing linen fabrics, they remain a wonderful addition to any home. From bedspreads to curtains, linen fabrics can beautify any home they adorn and are highly prized by people across the globe. Whether you’re seeking the right look, or a better night’s sleep, linen fabrics are the ideal choice for you.

The Benefits of Linens from Superior Custom Linens

When purchasing bed sheets or a bedspread from a big box store, it can be tempting to grab the most convenient option right off the shelf. However, these cheaper linens are never handmade and never showcase quality of construction anywhere near the degree of our linens. With their looser weave, ruffles fade away creating a wrinkly appearance instead, and their fabric is prone to tears and inconsistent dying. Only Superior Custom Linens can demonstrate why our linens are better, and the difference is most striking when compared to cheaper linens. With a tight weave and premium materials, our linens, and most notably our linen bedding, incorporate a ruffled component to them will last for as long as you have the bedding. It is an elegant take on modern sophistication and timeless elegance, and no matter where you decide to place our products in your home, they will enhance the interior of your home, and help to give off a warm and pleasant atmosphere.