Gallery Spotlight

Posted by Superior Custom Linens on Nov 1st 2018

Your Home, Your StoryAll products can be searched in our shopSourceSourceIn the picture: Grey White Striped Ruffle Duvet Cover, White Duvet Cover with Wooden Buttons, Pillowcases with Mermaid Long Ruf … read more

How to choose the right bed skirt.

Posted by Superior Custom Linens on Jul 17th 2018

The bed skirt is one of our most desired linen products we make every day. It’s also the topic that people most frequently asked questions about. A bed skirt is such an important element in creati … read more

From Flax to Home Linens

Posted by Superior Custom Linens on Apr 3rd 2018

Why LINEN is so exclusive and rich compared to some of the other fabrics (Silk, cotton, etc). This is one of the commonly asked question we got from a lot of our customers.So we put together this illu … read more

Best Linens, 2018 February New Designs

Posted by Superior Custom Linens on Feb 12th 2018

Flax is the most natural fiber in the world. Growing flax requires very little irrigation and very little use of chemicals. Since very part of the plant is used, there is no waste. The flax part is … read more