​10 Bedroom Ideas to Fulfil Your Farmhouse Dream

Posted by Superior Custom Linens on Jan 18th 2017

Living at a farmhouse has a lot of perks, especially if you love to be surrounded by nature and less noise. However, we are used to the modern city life and it is absolutely possible to match your interiors to your comfort.

In the following write-up, we bring you 10 dream farmhouse bedroom ideas:

1.Natural Wood and White

The natural rusty colors of wood can be integrated into almost any interior theme. This room brings the sharpness of wood against pure white. The tall windows allow a lot of natural light into room so it looks bright and lively during the day. The greys add a cool touch as well. Try the linen chair slipcover in dark linen to add more character to the room with the bows.

2.Potato Sack

A farmhouse is home to many potato sacks lying around. This room is a loose resemblance of a potato sack. The color has been intelligently blended with white to highlight the theme. The floor to ceiling window bring sufficient morning light and the buffalo check design is made more vivid. Try the linen duvet cover with tie knots to make the room a neater look.

3.Metal meets Wood

Metal and wood are entirely different elements for the bedroom interior but this room blends the two make a unique look. The wood element keeps the farmhouse theme alive while the metal speaks of contemporary. The dark linen bedspread and ruffled bed cover bring more farmhouse elements to the room.

4.Simplest Theme

Not exactly minimalist, this bedroom theme stays simple but elegant. The grey and white are accentuated by a single maroon chair in the corner. The bed is given an oomph using a striped grey duvet and puffy pillows.

5.Beige with White

The entire room is washed in white against a dark wood floor. The dark floor allows the white in the room to bloom. The cream linen bed skirt matched the curtains. The beige sofa at the foot of the bed is a splash of soft in the excessive brightness of the room.

6.Go French

The Provencal Sassy White French Bed bring two popular designs together. The room is washed in white and the French theme brings out the femininity of the bedroom. The French theme also induces an aura of antique. The bed can be paired with a ruffle linen duvet cover.

7.Blend with Light

This is luxury in the middle of nature. The warm color of wood is accentuated by the bed covered in white linen and the light through the huge doors. The ruffled bedspread makes it easy to maintain the neatness of the luxury; effectively covering the imperfections of the bed.

8.Go Chic

The bedroom hosts a hand carved mahogany sappy chic bed. It successfully adds the vibe of vintage elegance to the bedroom. The bed can be paired with a natural linen white duvet cover set.

9.Grey Hues

he bedroom is softened by the grey theme. The chandelier, bed, bedding and the curtains have all been carefully selected in grey to maintain the consistency. Add natural linen curtains to the room to retain the soft theme.

10.Master Bedroom Theme

The French doors add to the luxury of the master bedroom. They also bring in light that softens and blends the white and grey hues. Add a bit more character to the bed by using Euro Shams with buttons in stone grey linen


Try these amazing ideas for makeover of your farmhouse bedroom.