Beautiful Linens, Inspired and be Inspired

Posted by Superior Custom Linens on Oct 12th 2017

Dear Readers,

I’ve always had a love for objects that hold memories. For me, a comfortable home is not just about having pretty things — but surrounding yourself with beautiful things that tell a story. At Superior Custom Linens, we make quality linens that celebrate gracious beauty: adding country ruffles on the duvet cover, shower curtain with mermaid ruffle hem, and needing no better reason to celebrate the every day than “just because.” It was in that spirit that I started the little workshop as a place to make and celebrate all things home, modern or cottage. The site quickly became a creative outlet where I could inspire and be inspired and connect with our customers, who as it turns out, were looking for the same thing. Therefore, we made this slideshow to display our work. We sincerely hope our SCL team continues to inspire you every day, with a beautiful home and quality linens.


Eve at Superior Custom Linens Team