Pros and Cons of the Microfiber Sheets, Why we don’t make them.

Posted by | Handmade by Superior Home Linens on Jun 23rd 2015

A good set of bedding not only complete your bedroom décor, they also help you relax. Microfiber sheets have become popular mainly due to its low entry price. Let’s weigh the pros and cons of microfiber sheets and you will decide if it’s a wise investment for your health and the environment.


  • 1.Easy to clean, justtoss them into the washing machine and they will stand high heat dry due to the man made materials
  • 2.It’s soft.
  • 3.Many colors to choose from.
  • 4.Low cost, wrinkle resistance. All man made fabric is wrinkle resistant.
  • 5.Withstand repeated use without lose their shapes.
  • 6.Resistant to stainsand withstand all cleaning products


  • 1.The material is synthetic, made in lab as compared to forming naturally in nature.
  • 2.The sheets are flammable.
  • 3.The fabric is rather thin.
  • 4.Mircorfiber sheets are made out of petroleum waste, the process that takes to convert the petroleumwaste into microfiber emits fumes which is bad for the environment.
  • 5.Microfiber sheets store electrons that attract other fibers like hair, and gets worse during thewinter month.

The conclusion: Microfiber sheets is made from man made fabric and only existed in modern society. Considering sheets are an investment which can be used for many years, why not choose the sheets not only are comfortable and soft, but also will last a long long time, allowing your body to breathe over and natural.

That’s why at Supeior Custom Linens, we only use the natural flex to make durable sheets.With a little extra investment, it benefits your health, our environment, also add class to your home décor.

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