Ways to Arrange Bed Pillows

Posted by Superior Custom Linens on Dec 1st 2016

The most frequently asked questions we received from our linen bedding clients are about arranging and size of the pillows. A few questions like this: how many shams do I need for my king size bed? How do arrange my sleeping pillows with decorative pillows on the queen bed? What size should I choose for the euro insert? So we made the chart below to visualize potential combinationsand answer the questions above, we hope you find it useful.

King bed pillow arrangements:

Option A: Never fail 5 pillows combination:

This is mostly used for the king size beds and five pillows are used in this arrangement. 3 euro size pillows on the back and then 2 king size pillows on the front in a horizontal way. This setting will give a traditional and neat look to your bedroom. You can also enhance the beauty of this pillow arrangement with the help of the decorative pillows placed in front of the five pillow setting.

Option B: Never fail 5 pillows combination 2:

With the never fail 5 pillows, you can also place 2 small euros in front of the five pillow settings.

Option C: Stacked and standing mixed:

This is a mixture of two types of pillow arrangements in which you set the pillows in the standing position in front of the horizontally laid pillows. You can cover the sleeping pillows in this way. You can also decorate it with the decorative pillows on the front and it will give a neat and complete look to your bed.

Queen and Full size bed pillow arrangements:

Option A: Standing pillows:

This pillow arrangement is achieved with the help of 2 queen size pillows and 2 euro pillows. You can also place some fancy pillows on the front.

Option B: Stacked and standing mixed:

Stack the pillows on top of each other, and then make the other pillows stand with the help of the stacked pillows. You can also place decorative pillows on the front to achieve a complete look.

Twin bed pillow arrangements:

The simplest solution for styling your twin bed, especially if it is set up in a guest bedroom, is to array of one euro-square, one standard shams, and one lumbar or small euro on the bed.

The secret to great fitting euro sham

Use euro inserts that are one or two inches larger than the European sham cover to yield a full and rounded pillow. This is especially good for filling out a bed without headboard, or for styling a bed with a particularly tall, oversize headboard.Say for 26x26 euro sham cover, you need 28x28 euro sham insert.