Best Linens, 2018 February New Designs

Posted by Superior Custom Linens on Feb 12th 2018

Flax is the most natural fiber in the world. Growing flax requires very little irrigation and very little use of chemicals. Since very part of the plant is used, there is no waste. The flax part is fully recyclable and biodegradable. Its impact on the environment is very minimal throughout the process. Natural linen possess very desirable properties. Linen has lasting durability, offers unrivaled comfort with high absorbency, and thermal insulation. Linen is hypoallergenic and lint free. Superior Custom Linens place as much emphasis on quality and comfort as it does on health and the environment. Flax is the fiber of the future.

The video presents

~ Linen Medium Weight Duvet Cover Country Mermaid Ruffles

~ Mustard Linen Duvet Cover

~ Mustard Linen Duvet Cover with Wooden Buttons

~ Mustard Linen Euro Sham with Wooden Buttons

~ Linen Euro Sham with Flange

~ Bi-Chrome Ruffle Sham

~ Black Knight Pillowcases with Mermaid Long Ruffles

~ Linen Bed Sheet with Lace Trim

~ Linen Ticking Striped Bed Skirt, Tailored Pleats with Ties

~ White Linen Bed Skirt with Stone Grey Border

~ Chambray Surf Blue Bed Skirt Tailored Pleats

~ Natural Linen Bed Skirt with Band at the Bottom

~ Grey and White Color Block Curtain

~ Linen Ticking Striped Curtain, Shower Curtain with Mermaid Long Ruffles

~ Natural Linen Curtains, Shower Curtain with Mermaid Long Ruffles

~ White Linen Curtain with Black Trim

~ Moss Green Linen Baby Bedding Set

~ Navy and White Striped Linen Baby Bedding Set