Best Linens, 2018 February New Designs

Posted by Superior Custom Linens on Feb 12th 2018

Flax is the most natural fiber in the world. Growing flax requires very little irrigation and very little use of chemicals. Since very part of the plant is used, there is no waste. The flax part is … read more

New Linen Designs for a Warm Winter

Posted by Superior Custom Linens on Dec 11th 2017

Dear Readers,I am extremely thankful for all of you, our readers / customers. You inspire us to continue to create new linens we all love. Your request, your imagination, your style and and involvemen … read more

Hello Summer - New Cool Designs

Posted by Superior Custom Linens on Jun 8th 2017

We are ready for long, hot days at the beach here in Texas. We have designed a beautiful new collection of linen beddings - featuring ruffles, stripes and new linen colors. These premium linens wil … read more

​​​3 Ideas For Shabby Chic Bedding For Happier Relationships

Posted by | Handcrafted Shabby Chic Bedding from 100% Linen on Jul 2nd 2015

 When people are in a relationship, and especially when they are living together, they have a lot of compromises that need to be made. No one will ever get exactly what he or she wants. However t … read more

Shabby Chic Bedroom ideas - selecting the Duvet Covers

Posted by | Handmade by Superior Home Linens on Jun 20th 2015

Shabby chic duvet covers ideas for all budgets to create an unpretentious look yet elegant.  100% cotton lace duvet cover features a lavish and lovely overdyed pink linen with tiered layers of d … read more