Best Linens, 2018 February New Designs

Posted by Superior Custom Linens on Feb 12th 2018

Flax is the most natural fiber in the world. Growing flax requires very little irrigation and very little use of chemicals. Since very part of the plant is used, there is no waste. The flax part is … read more

New Arrivals - Linen Bedding

Posted by Superior Custom Linens on Mar 14th 2017

Spring is here! We have a few new designs for our linen bedding and home decor. Share with you friends who also like this.Includes in this slideshow: ~ White Ruffle Duvet Cover, Handcrafted from whit … read more

Gorgeous Self Ruffled Duvet Covers, Handmade in Natural Linen

Posted by Superior Custom Linens on Jul 18th 2016

Our Self Ruffled duvet cover offers a touch of subtle elegance not often found in other leading brands. Imagine having something this exquisite gracing your bed! Made of natural linen, our Self Ruff … read more

How Linen Duvet Covers Display Your Bedroom With Elegancy

Posted by - Handmade linen beddings on Jun 30th 2015

Choice of material for bedding decides the level of comfort and peaceful sleep that you can get in your bedroom at night. Also, your bed is the focal point of your bedroom. This makes it essential to … read more