White Bedding, White Decor.

Posted by Superior Custom Linens on Aug 8th 2016

White is often referred to as a symbol of purity. Although many individuals run away from white bedding décor because they feel it gets stained easily and is difficult to maintain. Others feel it is too simple and would not beautify their bedroom. It is our hope that by the time you have gone through all our handmade white bedding décor, you would have a change of mind about white bedding décor.

white bedroom

Below are different types of handmade white bedding décor.

White linen duvet cover: Our elegant white linen duvet cover is light weight, easy to pair and airy. It goes well with any sleeping space. It has an attractive light massaging effect. It is a breathable fabric which is fits in during the winter and the summer. It would interest you to know that our linen duvet cover helps in stimulating blood flow. It is environment-friendly and durable.

white linen duvet cover

Soft white linen duvet cover: You should know that soft white is completely unrefined white. The linen is feather weight, fulgent, glossy and smooth. It is a durable material that provides natural protection for users. With our soft liner duvet, you never have to worry yourself about a wrinkle.

Off white linen duvet cover

Button Closure Duvet Cover: The button closure gives your bedding a snug look. Many interior designers would advise you to go for something more common. However, trying something a little different could do your bedroom good. Our button closure is unique, classy and kind of cute too. It blends in perfectly with your room. What’s more, you can use it for your child's room without any fear of rejection.

Wood Button Duvet Cover

Tie closure duvet cover: Our tie closure duvet cover helps protect your duvet in more ways than you can envision. It keeps the beauty of your décor while protecting yours.

Tie Closure Duvet Cover

White Ruffle Linen Duvet Cover

The benefits of a duvet cover cannot be overemphasized. If you want to protect your duvet, you ought to protect it in style with our ruffle duvet cover. This elegant white cover gives maximum protection to your comforter and be easily changed. Ruffle duvet covers bring exquisite satisfaction to users as a result of its country and romantic style.

White ruflfe duvet cover - Natural Linen

Soft White Ruffle Linen Duvet Cover

Many people think ruffles are a handful. Well, many people are wrong. You have to open up your heart and mind to the possibilities. This handmade ruffle duvet cover would give your duvet the need protection it needs while it reserves the style in your room. It is also very easy to maintain. All you need to do is put it in the machine and let it wash off.

Off white ruffle duvet cover - Natural Linen

White Linen Duvet Cover w. Mermaid Long Ruffles

After we had got some inspiration from a mermaid tale, we decided to design a hand crafted duvet cover with a beautiful, long and endearing ruffle cover, with long ruffle pillow cases to go. Like all our duvet covers. The Mermaid duvet is machine friendly, smooth, enchanting and captivating. Make your mermaid tale right in the comfort of your bedroom.

White Duvet Cover w. Mermaid Long Ruffles

White Linen Bed Sheets

You don’t have to wait till you ruin all your bedding before you make redecorate. You may find yourself procrastinating. Try this exceptional cuff finish bedsheets now!

white linen bed sheets

white bed sheets natural linen

Soft White Linen Bed Sheets

These are 100% handcrafted. Made from the finest linen by the best craftsperson you can find. It makes you feel alive from summer through winter. It is impervious to fading as its color remains the same for years.

off white linen bed sheets

off white linen bed sheets

White Linen Blanket w. Tattered Edges

Our double-weave patrimonial blanket keeps you warm and comforted while you sleep. While many other blankets depreciate with time, this ostentatious work of art gets even better with time. It has a handmade fringe hem on all four sides. It’s naturally sensual aroma makes you feel like royalty all the time.

white blanket natural linen

Hand-made fringe hem on 4 sides add a soft look at completes the blanket.

white linen blanet, summer blanket

White Linen Comforter

Thinking of an anniversary gift for your wife or girlfriend? Picture the expression she would have on her face as she walks in and finds this amazing comforter made from 100% washed linen perfectly placed on her queen-sized bed.

white linen comforter

features 2" flange and 1" white lace edge.

white quilt, natural linen

White Linen Bedspread

Our white linen bedsheets make you a little more spruce. Bedrooms styled with this bedsheets tend to have a sense of freshness that no one wants to spoil. You often find your self cleaning your room and remaking your bed just to maintain that dainty look.

white bedspread

Soft White Linen Bedspread

Give your bedroom a homey glamour with our soft white linen bedspread made with unbleached white. It has an extra hand gathered ruffle conveys a rather feminine sensation.

soft white bedspread

WHITE Linen Bedskirt-Gathered Ruffle

With our handmade elegant bed-skirts you can keep your room on point all the time. It blends well with any color of interior décor. It is made from natural linen fabric.

WHITE Linen Bedskirt-Gathered Ruffle

WHITE Linen Bedskirt- Gathered with Ruffle Hem

This is a little different from the white linen bed-skirts with gathering ruffle. It has an extra touch for those who prefer a ruffle hem. It adds a simple, extra yet delightful touch to your bedding.

WHITE Linen Bedskirt- Gathered with Ruffle Hem

White Linen Bedskirt-Tailored Pleat

With a pleated design on three sides, this tailored pleat can pair perfectly with any interior.

White Linen Bedskirt-Tailored Pleat

White Ruffle Euro Sham

Treat yourself to our astonishing ruffle euro sham for beauty and comfort alike. Sleep comfortable on this vintage dashing pillow.

White ruffle euro sham natural linen

The line pleated rufle euro sham is a timeless and vintage chic bedding piece will make a feminine statement in any room.

White Euro Sham Pleated Ruffle

WHITE Linen Pillow Covers with Mermaid Long Ruffles

Your fairy tale is not complete without a little mermaid. This sumptuous pillow cover never gets out of style. Well at least not until the kids stop having loveys.


WHITE Linen Pillow Covers with Mermaid Long Ruffles

White Shower Curtain with White Ruffle

Shower curtains are never going to becoming outdated. This is why you ought to select a stylish linen shower curtain with a hem of ruffles. It dries up easily because it is made up of natural fabric.

White Linen Curtains w. Leading Edge Ruffles

Are you planning to add a new member to your family? If yes then you should consider using our white linen curtain for your nursery. It doesn’t matter if your baby would be a girl or a boy.

white linen curtains with leading edge ruffle

White Linen Sheer Curtains

Try our cushiony white linen sheer curtain to maintain elegance and abate heat without impeding your view.

white linen sheer curtains

Heavy Weight White Linen Flax Curtains

You do not need to carry out a coronation to be a king or a queen. Make yourself one by adding our slick heavy weight linen flax curtain to your bedroom.

Heavy Weight White Linen Flax Curtains